Announcing ReGen: The Curriculum for Christ-Centered Living

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Hope Prison Ministries is currently researching and writing a curriculum for use in faith-based dorms nationwide. What is a faith-based dorm?Generally speaking, a faith-based dorm is a designated housing in a prison where men may volunteer to serve a portion of their sentence. Faith-based dorms host state operated programs, led by outside volunteers, that are designed to effect the inner transformation of inmates. The recidivism rate of those being released from prison is ordinarily around 70% – 75%. Across the country, the recidivism rate among those who have completed a faith-based dorm program is estimated at 10% – 15%, which minimally reflects a 60% reduction. Because of this, there is a real initiative on the part of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice and similar departments in other states to implement faith-based dorms wherever and whenever possible.

But there does not, as of yet, exist a curriculum for this purpose. Chaplains and the prison ministries that are trying to implement these programs must scramble to find resources and end up mixing and matching some original material with supplements from a variety of sources. Additionally, because the programs are led by outside volunteers from different denominational backgrounds, the quality and level of instruction the men receive varies greatly from one volunteer to the next. There is a desperate need for a standardized curriculum that is Christ-centered and consistently presented.

By God’s grace, a local foundation saw the need and provided a substantial grant to fund the first phase of the development of the curriculum. Recognizing that a ministry cannot rely exclusively on foundations for its funding, however, Hope Prison Ministries is in need of developing a regular base of supporters.

Click the following links below for samples from the curriculum.

This 7-minute video will give you an overview of the ReGen curriculum project.

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