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  • The wife of a member calls and tells you her husband has been abusing her or their child.
  • The parents of a drug addict plead with you for help.
  • A man who has just been sentenced to life in prison, leaving a family without any support in the community, writes and begs for your assistance.
  • A prisoner is about to be released and he or she contacts you for aftercare assistance with their need for food, clothing, shelter, mentoring and accountability.

How would you respond?

Whether you are in a small or large church, knowing how to effectively provide…

  • counseling regarding criminal activity and its consequences
  • addiction intervention
  • jail and/or prison ministry

…can be challenging, to say the least!  Knowing what to do and how to do it isn’t something that should be learned in the middle of the crisis.

The leadership of Hope Prison Ministries brings with it more than 20 years experience in these areas.

Outsource these needs to Hope Prison Ministries.  For as little as $100/mo. or $.20 (twenty cents) per member, whichever is greater, Hope Prison Ministries will be there to take these calls from you and/or your members.  We will be there.  We make house calls.