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On a national basis, recidivism estimates range from 60% and higher. This means that 6 out of 10 of those released from prison will return to prison within 3 years. Obviously, the system by itself is not working.

A faith-based dorm is a voluntary program of instruction in a prison that is designed to effect the inner-transformation of offenders. Recidivism rates among those completing a faith-based dorm program are less than ten percent (10%).

Hope Prison Ministries is developing a curriculum entitled ReGen for use in the faith-based dorms of prisons, starting in Texas. The curriculum will emphasize academic and spiritual education, mentoring and accountability before and after an offender’s release. Which model would you rather support?

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The HPM Plan

  • Finish the ReGen curriculum for prisons
  • Launch it in 12 Texas prisons, serving 256 or more offenders per unit
  • Recruit, train and pair mentors with offenders during and after incarceration
  • Place ex-offenders in the homes of model families
  • Recruit a business advisory panel to review, approve, fund and oversee the business plans of ex-offenders
  • Average cost: $2,700/offender once
  • Save Texas Taxpayers $37,000,000
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The Current Texas Model

  • In 2010, Texas prisons cost $2,478,788,590
  • More than 500,000 Texans are under some form of supervision from the TDCJ
  • The Average Cost of Housing One Offender: $16,000/year+
  • 37% recidivism (Source: TDCJ Annual Report.  A number thought to be far too low in view of the national estimates.)
  • Recidivism means crime where you live
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ReGen Overview Video

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