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Hope Prison Ministries, Inc., is currently engaged in the evangelization and discipleship of men in prison and in their aftercare at the following facilities and in the following activities:

  • ReGen: The Curriculum for Christ-Centered Living. Hope Prison Ministries is in the process of researching and writing a curriculum for use in faith-based dorms nationwide. Initial funding was made possible by grants from local foundations but additional funding is needed to complete this project. Please CLICK HERE to learn more!
  • ReGen class. Rufe Jordan Unit (Pampa, TX) – 327 miles one way, 200+ men in attendance, 1st Sunday of most months
  • Worship Service. Alan Polunsky Unit (Livingston, TX) houses just less than 3,000 men. HPM currently facilitates services as requested, which is generally about 3 x each year.
  • Worship Service. Huntsville “Walls” Unit (Huntsville, TX) may house up to 1,705 men. HPM currently facilitates services as requested, which is generally about 3 x each year.
  • Centers for Christian Living. Hope Prison Ministries currently provides transitional housing for up to two men in a small apartment it arranged for this purpose. Space is obviously limited and its use is restricted to men who are willing to commit to a Christ-centered, grace-driven lifestyle of change. Frankly, atfercare is the most labor intensive part of the ministry as it involves in-depth, one-on-one, Biblical counseling, mentoring, accountability, providing transportation to and from appointments, assistance with grocery trips, errands, recreation, etc. Visit www.ChristCenteredLiving.org for additional information or to download an application.
  • Correspondence. HPM receives an average of 30 letters each month and maintains regular correspondece with many men for the purpose of providing in-depth discipleship.
  • Advanced Study Resources. HPM regularly provides Christian books to men who desire to progress into deeper study. The titles selected often address the specific struggles/temptations the men face. The prison system requires that the books must be purchased new and shipped directly to the men from the retailer.

Will you consider supporting Hope Prison Ministries as your mission agency to the prisons? CLICK HERE to Give HOPE!