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Chandler Fozard, president

In 1992, Chandler was sentenced to 10 years in prison and 5 years suspended with probation to run consecutively.  With “good time,” he discharged his incarceration sentence in December 1996.  He was removed from supervised parole only two years after his release and his suspended sentence was complete in December 2001.  Today, by the grace of God alone, he is a husband, father, grandfather, author and teacher of the same truth that continues to change his life, and a mentor to many.  He is a licensed life and health insurance agent and a professional truck driver.  As a passionate, lifelong student of Biblical counseling, he is also a former member of the Association of Biblical Counselors (  Chandler is married to Barbara and they live in Fort Worth with their son, Brandon, a graduate of New Saint Andrews college ( who is pursuing his own independent studies in Biblical counseling through the Association of Biblical Counselors.

Justin Bailey, vice-president and director of correspondence

Justin Bailey VP and Director of Correspondence

Justin Bailey served in the military for six years.  Although he had been involved in ministry, his sin led to his eventual incarceration.  Justin learned the hard way the truth of Luke 8:17, that “nothing is secret that will not be revealed.”  God brought Justin to his knees in true repentance and he began to study.  Toward the end of his incarceration, he attended the worship services led by and was mentored by Chandler.  After his release, in record time, Justin was gainfully employed, having recently been promoted the warehouse manager.  Having himself benefited from the mentoring of Hope Prison Ministries, and in recognition of his maturity and progress, the board extended an invitation to Justin to become its director of correspondence and to serve as its vice president.  Justin accepted the invitation, serves today in that capacity and is spearheading the ministry’s latest initiative, (coming soon!)

Barbara Fozard, secretary

Barbara began serving as the board’s secretary in 2014. She has previously been employed as an administrative assistant, proof reader and her typing has been recorded as reaching speeds of more than 100+ wpm! But more than her skills as an administrator, she uses her greatest, God-given gifts of mercy and kindness toward the men and women we’ve hosted in our halfway house over the years by preparing and serving meals to them, hosting them in our home and often assisting with their transportation needs. After one Thanksgiving dinner she prepared, one man remarked, “You know, Chandler, I’m 47 years old and that’s the first time I’ve ever been around a table that prayed before they ate.”

Mike Martin, CPA, treasurer

Mike Martin, CPA, treasurer

Mike Martin is a certified public accountant licensed by the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy (License No. 028565).  He holds a BBA from the University of Texas at Austin in Accounting and a BBA from the University of Texas at Arlington in Information Systems.

Drawing on man years of varied background experience, Mike has a broad knowledge of accounting.  Additionally, he has been able to utilize his skills in computer technology in the development of software that generates accounting information systems and reporting.  His past employers have included several international public accounting firms as well as private businesses in a variety of industries, one of which is for a business owner who had formerly been helped by HOPE!

As the treasurer, Mike looks forward to being a contributing member of the board!

James Parker, member

In 2005, James Parker was sentenced to 20 years in prison for aggravated Armed Robbery.  But in July 2007, God saved Jim.  A few years later, Hope Prison Ministries began to teach in the prisons and Jim was captivated by what he was hearing.  Jim began receiving books from Hope Prison Ministries and began immersing himself in the historic Christian faith.  He wrote summaries of what he was learning and would send them in and a representative from Hope Prison Ministries would correspond with and encourage him in his studies.  So impressed of the change in their son, Jim’s parents were the first couple to begin giving to the ministry and they continue their support today!  In 2016, Jim earned parole.  He currently lives with his parents in Lake Jackson, Texas, where he is employed and is an active member at Covenant Evangelical Presbyterian Church (

David Wood, member

David Wood came under the care of Hope Prison Ministries through its outreach,  David surpassed the ministry’s expectations in every regard.  Requiring little more than financial support and minimal direction, one week after his release David had mapped out everywhere he needed to go using the bus pass app two weeks in advance.  He was quickly employed and recently began a new position working as a machinist.  He currently assists the ministry by encouraging and mentoring those recently released from prison.  David is always willing to serve anyone who asks and does so with a smile!  He has been a source of great blessing to the ministry and Chandler and Barbara Fozard.  He has recently become a member at Fort Worth Presbyterian Church.

Dr. Jeremy Lelek, counseling, advisory board

Jeremy Lelek, Ph.D, earned his bachelor in psychology from Liberty University, his Masters in Counseling from Amberton University, and completed his doctorate in psychology through Regent University.  He is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of Texas, the president of The Association of Biblical Counselors ( and the founder of Metroplex Counseling ( through which he somehow still manages to maintain a vigorous counseling practice and to oversee others in the field.