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1002give100 is the ministry’s own approach to raise funds through social networking / crowd funding.

The goal is to find 100 people who will personally give or help the ministry raise $100/mo. in monthly giving.  This may be accomplished by:

  • Finding 10 of your friends who will give $10/mo.
  • Finding 4 of your friends who will give $25/mo.
  • You and a friend each giving $50/mo.
  • You or a friend giving $100/mo.

Think about all of the people you know! Friends, family, fellow church members, civic or social organizations, business associates. On its own, it could take years for Hope Prison Ministries to raise the funding it needs to sustain and grow the work to which God has called us. We need your help. We need your commitment to help us raise the necessary funding so that we can launch the curriculum in the prisons and continue to help those we meet in aftercare.

CLICK HERE for some bullet points to help you spread the word about the work of Hope Prison Ministries, Inc., as well as a worksheet to help you find