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For all donors who give $100/mo. or more, we offer a free enrollment in Teladoc.

TELADOC is a national network of board certified physicians providing cross coverage consultations via the telephone 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. TelaDoc physicians use the member’s personal medical record and telephone consultations to diagnose, recommend treatment, and write short term prescriptions, when appropriate. TelaDoc does not replace the relationship with the primary care physician, but instead enhances it with greater physician availability and an efficient, cost-effective alternative for minor medical problems.

With this benefit from Hope Prison Ministries to its donors, there is NO CO-PAY and NO DEDUCTIBLE required! If you already donate $100/mo. or more to Hope Prison Ministries, and you do not have a similar benefit through your own private insurance, please enter your information and we will enroll you under our plan. All of the family members and dependents in your household are covered regardless of their age!

If you are not currently donating $100/mo. or more to Hope Prison Ministries, Inc., please use the form below to increase or begin giving at this level!

Please provide us with the information below for each dependent in your household you would like to have covered: