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FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY!!!  ReGen: The Curriculum for Christ Centered Living (available in beta* form)


The ReGen curriculum has been in development for more than a year.  Upon its completion, it will consist of:

  • 130 written daily lessons in a textbook (each lesson is 3 – 7 pages in length).  Lesson topics include: historic Christian theology, the origin of Scripture, theology, Christology, the Christian worldview, the best in Biblical counseling addressing marriage, family, parenting, addictions, money management, and re-entry planning.
  • Corresponding questions in a workbook
  • DVDs of each lesson being taught
  • A daily devotional
  • A hymnal with accompanying music

For a limited time only, while the curriculum is being finished, Hope Prison Ministries is offering the available, printed lessons and questions from the texbook and workbook from the curriculum in beta form at a significantly reduced cost to prison chaplains and those in prison ministry.  Because this is an introductory offer for a limited time only, and with added benefits that will never be available again after its completion, no refunds will be given.  For additional information and samples from the curriculum, please visit