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Dear Friend,

It is not likely you stumbled upon this page as you were surfing.  You are here by invitation only; you either received our mailing or someone gave it to you.  Thank you for visiting!  To receive the complete DVD, Why You’re In Prison, along with the written text and study guide questions, please simply complete the form below.  Upon receipt of your information, we will mail you Why You’re in Prison, our most popular DVD!  We want to place this DVD in the hands of every prison ministry volunteer or chaplain in the country.  We encourage you or the chaplain to use as a sort of orientation video for anyone who is new to your facility or program.  After you watch it, you’ll understand why!  After submitting the form, you will be taken to our catalog where you may wish to review and purchase other lessons from the series: ReGen: The Curriculum for Christ-centered Living.  Thank you for your interest!