Sex Offender Transitional Housing Locator Service

//Sex Offender Transitional Housing Locator Service

Sex Offender Transitional Housing Locator Service


Let Hope Prison Ministries help find housing for your friend or loved one.

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Upon receipt of your Application for Transitional Housing Locator Service and the required donation ($300 for sex offenders; $150 for all others), a representative from Hope Prison Ministries will contact you to discuss the needs of your friend or loved one with you.  We will research all of the transitional housing options available in the areas where your loved one desires to live after they are released.  We will contact each listing to evaluate whether or not it is a fit based on the information we have, availability and pricing.  We will then provide you with our recommendations.  We guarantee to provide you with at least 2 recommendations that fall within the criteria we have set or we will return your donation.  It must be understood that the nature of one crime over another and the amount of financial support that is available for your friend or loved one after their release will have a significant bearing on the outcome of our research.  It must also be stated that given the nature of what we are doing, in most cases, the housing we find will not always be in the best neighborhoods.  For these reasons, we CANNOT guarantee you or your loved one will like our recommendations.  With these caveats in mind, by God’s grace, we have helped many men and women transition back into society all across the country and we welcome the opportunity to be of service to you.