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JUST IN!!!  Why You're In Prison (DVD) $45.00, includes shipping and handling.

If You...

  • Desire to minister one or more in prison, but you're not sure where to begin
  • Want those to whom you minister in prison to know that God loves them and has a plan for their life
  • Believe that they will listen best to someone who's been there

Order Why You're In Prison today!


Video Overview: Chandler was sitting at a table in a living area at Jackie Brannon Correctional Center (McAlister, OK) when an author he was reading made the statement that sometimes God uses circumstances we would call bad, or even evil, to draw men to Himself. The author cited Psalm 107 as his proof text. Before he reached the end of verse 16, Chandler was in tears, and immensely comforted. He knew that if God had used prison to draw him He must also have a plan to use him after his release. “The next time someone asks you why you’re in prison, tell them it’s because God loves you,” he says. Why You’re In Prison is the fourth lesson in the ReGen curriculum that is being developed for use in prisons nationwide. The curriculum will consist of 130 lessons (six months) worth of written instruction with corresponding sessions on DVD and a workbook. To learn more about the curriculum, please visit

DVD includes a little over one hour of Chandler teaching in a prison.  It also includes the following handouts:

  • 6-page lesson
  • Study Guide Questions
  • Completed text of Psalm 107 (ESV), with highlights to illustrate themes from the text

Changed Behind Bars: The History of My Redemption
is a testimony to the grace of God and the power of the gospel to change lives! 
If you...
  • are trapped in vile sin and believe there's no hope,
  • know of someone who is,
  • minister to felons,
  • counsel sinners,
  • take joy in reading stories of redemption...

$15 for the book plus $4 for Shipping and Handling = $19.00 total selling price.

Just In!  Dr. Jay E. Adams wrote the following:

"Chandler’s is a remarkable story of how God saved a man raised in extremely difficult surroundings who, failing to figure out what life is all about, set forth on a course of sin that finally ended in prison. It is an account of how ineffective, inaccurate presentations of the way of salvation served only to confuse and lead to untold guilt and misery.  But on the brighter side, it is also the story of how a ministry of truth and tender care led him out of despair into forgiveness into a new life in Christ.  The book is a must for those who see no hope for their condition, and for those who have been offered a watered-down “Gospel.”  The concern and care shown by the ministers of several Presbyterian congregations is a fine example of pastoral ministry rightly conducted."

Order Chandler's testimony, Changed Behind Bars: The History of My Redemption  Shipping is included!  Order your copy today!

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