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We need your help on an annual basis to help us change the lives incarcerated men, women, children, families and the communities to which they will be returning.  We are seeking individuals, churches, businesses or organizations who will commit to give just $10/mo. or $120/year to support our work.  Will you partner with us to help us change lives, reduce recidivism, save taxes, create jobs and generate revenue at every level?  Will you be a “friend of hope”?  Friends and the one organization they select receive 50% off list pricing of all HPM products and seminars for each year their support continues.
HPM's 5-Year Plan The Current Texas Model Videos
  • Finish the first series in the ReGen curriculum for prisons (CLICK HERE to learn more.)
  • Launch it in 12 Texas prisons, serving 256 or more offenders per unit
  • Recruit, train and pair mentors with offenders during and after incarceration
  • Place ex-offenders in the homes of model families
  • Recruit a business advisory panel to review, approve, fund and oversee the business plans of ex-offenders
  • Average cost: $2,700/offender once
  • Save Texas Taxpayers $37,000,000
  • CLICK HERE to view/download a flyer you may post to your facebook, tweet about or e-mail to friends and family.
  • In 2010, Texas prisons cost $2,478,788,590
  • More than 500,000 Texans are under some form of supervision from the TDCJ
  • The Average Cost of Housing One Offender: $16,000/year+
  • 37% recidivism (Source: TDCJ Annual Report.  A number thought to be far too low in view of the national estimates.)
  • Recidivism means crime where you live
  • CLICK HERE to view/download important tax related documents and information.


       ReGen Overview Video

Association of Biblical Counselors

If you're unable to find a way to regularly give in your budget, here are some creative, simple ways you can support the ministry by purchasing products or services through the following links: - If you use this link to shop, Hope Prison Ministries will receive a percentage of each purchase without it costing you one penny more!

Covenant Eyes - Internet pornography is tearing men and families apart.  CLICK HERE ( to sign up and HPM will receive a percentage of your monthly billing.  Again, without it costing you any more than it would normally!  Whether through us or direct, however, if you're in need of accountability for your use of the Internet, just get there!


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